EaladhaEaladha are Dom Murphy (vocals/guitar), Peter Crudge (drums) and Cormac Shanley (bass). Formed in 2013 they have been honing their sound through live shows and a series of recordings with producer Eamon Coleman, culminating in the release of ‘Limit of Our Sight’.
The band’s post-rock tag gives only a basic idea of the craft and skill on display; three musicians playing at their peak, seamlessly blending alt-metal and post-rock influences into something at once melancholy and uplifting.

On ‘Limit of Our Sight’ the band’s explosive live sound is tempered with an appreciation for space and atmosphere, as on perfectly named opener ‘Hurricanes’. Crudge and Shanley’s stately rhythm section carry waves of ambient, melodic guitar lines. Piano and drum machine flourishes dance around Murphy’s forlorn vocals, all of which builds to an emotive climax, the band’s mastery of the delicate and the aggressive wrapped up in one song.

“Their music is at once cathartic, euphoric, and, frankly, beautiful.” – Overblown UK

“Dive is a beautiful track which will have you intrigued in the beginning and hold your attention right up to the end.” –  Shredload Review –  8.5/10

“Dive” possesses the majesty, power and grace of a blue whale cruising through its underwater kingdom, weightless and crushingly real” – Evening Echo